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December 6, 2011

By Stone Pinkerton

What this joke of a flimsy UK “coalition” government does not want – is to have thousands of prang, pissed-off, Cockney Cabbies on their hands.

Cockney Cabbies are getting wise to the complex scams that were once the intellectual reserve of ivory merchants in The City. In case the elite haven’t noticed, they don’t even bother reading the Sun anymore, they read the FT and read f***ing ironic news blogs now. The age of class mind control is coming to an end, and the elites are not even half aware of it.

As if Ponzi schemes were invented by bankers… please. Any crafty chappie from Essex run rings around City toff white collar thieves – they certainly know a scam, or a government completely milking it when they see one.

Forget V for Vendetta and that stupid Guy Fawkes mask, and image 20,000 angry Millwall and West Ham supporters joining forces and storming the UK Parliament. That should send shivers down anyone’s spine. It’s an end game scenario. Period.

WARNING: David Cameron, you do not want to get on the wrong side of these guys.

They will fuck you right up, and out of office.

Angry Cockney Cabbies could take over the Albion, and will then move on to take over most of France and Spain.

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