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Al Gore’s Army of Angry Polar Bears Are on the Move

October 4, 2011

Stone Pinkerton
Oct 4, 2011

Al Gore, the high priest of the anthropogenic global warming death cult, has been banging on for years now about those poor polar bears he says are disappearing. The reality is much different of course.

The bloody truth of the matter is that polar bears are breeding like rabbits and their numbers are booming, much to the dismay of people who fall within these beasts’ catchment areas.

Someone needs to tell Gore and his climate flock that this is no laughing matter- polar bear attacks are definitely on the rise.

There is an army of angry fury beasts on the move. Warning: if you see these bad boys larking around your local tundra or remote arctic outpost, do not attempt to pet them, talk to them, cuddle them, or feed them.

As a general rule, they do like to attack humans much in the same fashion that a cat enjoys taking sporting swipes with their paws at an injured innocent little bird or mouse. Pure sport, with the possibility of a meal at the end of playtime. Video nasty demonstrates our case in point:

Graphic video of a polar bear attack, bear is visibly angry and emotionally hurt by Al Gore. 

Gore and the climate change Jonestown crowd will also tell you they can’t swim either, but they can. If the land-cruising mammal kingdom had an Olympic swimming event, Polar Bears would be taking more gold home than that infamously androgynous East German women’s team did through the ladder half of the 20th Century.

Climate change? Really. 2011 will be another record breaking winter with more snow and certainly many more cute and cuddly polar bears.

Look out Mr Gore, they’re coming for you, and they are pissed off that you wrote them off. Very, very upset indeed.

He will not let his church die, expect more preaching and sermons for at least a year or two.

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