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August 16, 2011

Unlike our competitors at FOX, CBS, MSNBC, The Times, The Sun, The Huffington Post and MTV, the elite board of Gonzo Governors have done their research, and can confidently say that unlike those other publishing houses of ill repute, 100% our readers here on Gonzo Town are literate, and above the Grade 12 level to boot. Not only that, but they actually enjoy reading- despite living quite  dysfunctional professional lives, and some coming from broken homes.

Too many of our readers are also bending our ear about a ‘Book of the Month Club’. My answer to this is… we hear you, I don’t watch Oprah unless I’m in a waiting room, have never joined a book club in my life, but I promised many of you who were kind enough to email us that we’d do it, so here we go.

This title has been trust upon me by the editor of our Big Sister site, 21st Century Wire, who are a serious but sensitive bunch of hacks and apparently the book’s cover artwork was too much for their board, who twitch nervously at the sight of ye ole hammer and sickle together. We’re also serious crew, and we are raising a red flag to America and the peace loving internationalists who cheered the latest Presidential Marionette into his office on Pennsylvania Ave with less than one term as a Senator under his belt- and without knowing a thing about who he was, where he came from and how he ended up at Bilderberg’s annual picnic in Virginia during his campaign trail of 2008. Yes, we’re talking about The One… Barrack Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, Barry O’Bomber, and the Greatest Insurance Salesman in the History of the Free World

He is simply the most “interesting” and mysterious President in the history of the United States.

Whatever you believe, all we can say for sure is that Don Fredrick’s book contains some explosive information and will answer more questions than it raises about The One.

– Stone Pinkerton

” The Obama Timeline – The complete timeline of the life of Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro, from his birth in 1961 through his first 100 days in the Oval Office. Here are the people and the events that shaped the life of Barack Obama . . . from his birth, through childhood in Hawaii and Indonesia, high school, college in California and New York, Harvard Law School, his community activism, his entry into Chicago politics, the U.S. Senate . . . and the election that may enable him to transform the United States of America into something unrecognizable. Intertwined with Obama’s life is a cast of recurring characters-many of them unsavory-that the media chose to ignore but whose connections to him are described here in all their incriminating detail. No facts are left out and no rumors are left unexamined in this hard-hitting book. Here is the evidence that was kept from the voters when they were starving for information during one of the most important election campaigns in American history. This is a no holds barred timeline that will either confirm you were correct not to vote for the current temporary resident of the White House . . . or leave you wondering why you did.”




ORDER NOW directly from the publisher!

Also available in E-Book format or Perfect Bound Softcover.

If you would like more people to discover the book, ask your local retail bookstore to order a copy for you. If enough people request the book, retail stores will keep copies on display for others to see.

Part I of The Obama Timeline is in book form. Part II can be read in full online. Click here to go to Part II.



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