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August 11, 2011

By Robert Henry
Gonzo Town

This was written by a black gentleman in Texas who I know, and it is funny. What a great sense of humor, sadly, in short supply these days, as we limp through our brave new world, a world which has intellectually castrated and emotionally crippled by Political Correctness.

POEM: When U Black, U Black.

When I was born, I was BLACK ,
When I grew up, I was BLACK ,
When I go in the sun, I stay BLACK,
When I get cold, I am BLACK ,
When I am scared, I am BLACK ,
When I am sick, I am BLACK ,
And when I die, I’ll still be BLACK .

NOW, You ‘white’ folks……
When you’re born, you’re PINK ,
When you grow-up, you’re WHITE ,
When you go in the sun, you get RED ,
When you’re cold, you turn BLUE ,
When you’re scared, you’re YELLOW ,
When you get sick, you’re GREEN ,
When you bruise, you turn PURPLE ,
And when you die, you look GRAY .
So who y’all be call’in us
COLORED  Folks?!


Remember folks, that PC is a step away from thought police. But Orwell’s vision aside, let’s put it this way… for you smart folks out there reading this: Political Correctness = lack of social confidence.

Now that’s what I’m talk’in bout Sach-mo!

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