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July 25, 2011

 “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”
– Mark Twain

By Robert Henry
Gonzo Town

Oh no. Now we’ve ALL got PTSD!

STOP HERE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE a really wicked and twisted sense of humour, or any indulgent sense of cinematic drama…

Who really knows… but someone please tell us the rumour of Amy Winehouse’s demise is another publicity stunt. I mean, hell, she sure loved to wind everybody up- like the getting arrested over the faked crack-pipe video they sold to the rags for the cash to buy drugs (yes, that really did happen) !

BATTLING: Amy's transformation from Hampstead suburb girl to hard-core junkie shocked those who followed her career from the onset.

I wouldn’t put it past her to fake her own death by substituting a dead junkie like Jim did, to get away from it all. Seriously- just think of the laff of ‘doing a Jim Morrison’ and dropping out- just to watch all of the panto & pathos? That’s just too much to pass up and I just can’t believe she’s gone that easy; she even skipped the desperate 999 emergency call recordings, the ambulance chase & hospital dramas – complete with hourly reports.

JIM DID A RUNNER: Gonzo Town knows that Jim Morrison did do a runner in France.

Going out without a bang? That’s just NOT our Aimless dammit! Besides that, think of the HEAVY mileage in the resurrection of St Amy!

R.I.P. AMY. GREAT CAREER MOVE, GIRL (recording execs are counting the money as we speak)!

Another crack-head bites the dust? Bitter irony? A double entendre too far? Janice, Jimi & Jim left artful legacies. Amy Whinehouse copied well, though shamelessly(a Mark Ronson studio engineering success), left: self-indulgent, self-loathing, self-ish & self-harming headlines. FFS it’s just a song. Yikes!

If it’s real, which is dubious unless we can see the body, a whole load of folks just lost their gravy train and whatever will RUPERT do now for cheap headlines?

How about whistle and whisper a silent sigh of relief – thanking: her, Andrew Berwick and others for a blessed diversion and a month’s worth of tabloid gossip? HACKING? WOT HACKING? Hmmmm.

Let’s wait and see what the rumour mill eventually churns out. 

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  1. Righteous permalink
    July 25, 2011 11:27 pm

    It is said she was found in a pool of piss and vomit – otherwise known as Camden.

  2. July 26, 2011 3:41 pm

    Robert, just wanted to let you know that I republished your article on

    • Righteous Liberty permalink
      July 26, 2011 5:50 pm

      thanks and way kewell!

      Here’s a recent chat with a friend in Swissland (sic) that you might like to add as a post-script.
      ART WROTE: What’s this about Amy doing a Jim Morrison?
      INFO WROTE: You can catch him in Holland or Brussels getting stoned and spouting poetry (low-key for obvious reasons) PLUS Basel counting the money …
      ART WROTE: with Elvis?
      INFO WROTE: Naa. Everybody knows Elvis is entertaining moonbase troops.;-) That’s the ULTRA-ELITE conspiracy. 😉 😉
      INFO WROTE: Jim was just an Admiral’s son, ONI, that got wind of Gleason’s HIT CONTRACT for Jim exposing himself at Jackie’s daughter’s 14th birthday party. Freaked all of the parents – bigtime.
      ART WROTE: O
      INFO WROTE: Oh yes. There were outstanding charges of indecency and corrupting minors doo dah in Florida over that ill-fated show. It’s hard jail time for sex offenders and the rest. You’d do a runner too – would you not? He had the wherewithall to and did …
      ART WROTE: I recall some alittle it, but you know that world better than I.
      INFO WROTE: Our late friend Michael Williams ran into Jim in Frisco just after he broke BAIL and failed to return to Fla. Jim already had a fake ID set and told Michael why he was not going back to Fla. Michael kept that secret for years, until I after I related I’d chatted with Jim in a tiny Soho coffee house. I know of others that have bumped into him as well. Fat, scruffy, bearded, blondine etc.
      He had terrible stage fright, which was why he always got drunk for the shows. Another friend refused to manage him in LA in the ’60s. Heard he was a drunk then signed Sky Saxon instead.
      ART WROTE: I understand his grave in Paris is a place of pilgrimage
      INFO WROTE: Perfect ‘cover’ – huh? Nobody, er, no body, er, where’s the exhumation FOR THE DNA TEST of a wanted felon? No interest and GLEASON would go berserk if he’s still alive.
      ART WROTE: Probably.
      INFO WROTE: Word here is Amy was found in a pool of piss and urine – otherwise known as Camden – ironically the home of the dec-o-dent ‘Bloomsbury Set’, Fabian Socialists and the likes of … Oscar Wilde. Imagine that …
      ART WROTE: Great!
      INFO WROTE: It can be said that Polanski, who was RIGHT IN THAT HOLLYWEIRD drug fueled scene, followed in Jim Morrison’s footsteps because France will not extradict over that kind of stuff.

  3. Righteous Liberty permalink
    July 27, 2011 10:12 pm

    Guess wot?
    It gets worse, as usual.
    So you think you’ve got humor?
    “Thank gawd for Amy and Norway. Hackers? Wot hackers?”

  4. Righteous permalink
    August 1, 2011 12:16 am

    “In politics nothing happens by accident. When it does, you can bet it was planned.” — Cicero & FDR.

    The Fog of War and PsyOps?

    Now. Were the death of Amy & the events in Norway orchestrated in desperation to confuse the public and obscure HACKER GATE? WHAT?

    Well – Amy’s funeral was attended by “200 of her closest friends” & hangers-on. Not one could rescue her? Is the moral to that story: With 200 ‘friends’ like that you’re hopelessly lost?

    There was purposed to have been some shouting on one reported, on doubt accustomed to it, and then she was said to have been dead for 6 whole hours before she was found but she’s “been clean” … for a week now. So, though she may have beaten the booze & drugs that bested her, now we are told that ‘going on the wagon did her in’? More confusion.

    Somebody’s PR MILL is still in overdrive. Why?

    Rupert, having some difficulty with memory/space/time relationships thus not totally up to speed with the technology, is said to have even sent a little text message – thanking her and that guy in Norway for their stories thus moving that spotlight elsewhere – adding how he was really touched by their fan’s & friend’s voicemails.

    If you want the conspiracy, there it is.

    Amy and Andres sacrificed by the beast for a little diversionary relief from its other crimes.

    NO? Well – over 3,000 innocents were wiped-out to hide the DotCom CON crimes on 911 – without a police investigation, a Grand Jury or one Prosecutor in sight for 10 years now.

    Those two, side-show-bizzy, sacrifices just for the elite’s lord and god Mammon were a bargain.

  5. WTF? permalink
    August 3, 2011 12:19 am

    HOT! BBC 5 LIVE reports the FBI says the hi-jacker D.B. Cooper case has been solved, JUST 30-odd years later! Shuuure they have.

    This, of course, rather resonates with the RE-KILLING of Osama bin Laden (who was never on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List over 9/11).

    MORE: Amy Whinehouse’s ‘doing a Jim Morrison’, dropping out was POSSIBLY KIDNAPPED. WTF?

    Well – it has since emerged that her neighbours said there was a lot of screaming and shouting going on in her flat six hours before she was “found (and reported) dead”!

    How about – because she & her family knew damned well she’d NEVER beat drugs-n-booze unless there was an absolute and total ‘clean break’ with a complete change-of-scene – so she simply had to be removed from that dead-end trap, one way or another?

  6. MAD ROCKER permalink
    August 4, 2011 8:15 pm

    This is what the ‘music business’, an oxymoron if there ever was one, has devolved / degenerated into?

  7. Carl Kyle permalink
    October 1, 2011 10:21 pm

    The total and complete truth of Jim Morrison’s death, is contained here, it’s incredibly interesting reading:

    • October 4, 2011 9:27 am

      Oh really.

      They swapped his body with a dead junkie in Paris.

      For the the rest, you can ask Ray Manzarek…

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