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July 3, 2011

By Gonzo Town

Get used to it. First the belt, then the shoes, now millions prepare to drop their trousers for freedom. 

TURN YOUR HEAD AND COUGH: TSA goons especially like children, elderly and wheelchair-bound travelers.

Moral of the story: the TSA are your gods, do not question, simply obey and be grateful.

We are all Al Qaeda now.

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  1. Infohiway permalink
    July 30, 2011 12:20 pm

    Dont’s ya knowz that we’z all slaves on this here plant-ta-shun for da boss man who wants us all to be slaves to-de-ecompany sto(re). Yesireee Bob weeze all gots to do like the boss manz plan-ta-shun own-a wants us all to be a doin’. Ya know like step-an-fetch-it, then weez gots to jump around, turn around, pick a another bale of cotton for da Boss man. You gots to know all dem dare righties wants to turn this hear country back to the days before the civil war, where weeze all worked on the plantation for the boss man who liked to crack da whips over our heads and backs. That is the true agenda that them thar righties has got for all of us hear in Amerika. They want to make us all slaves again like we wuz back during the days of Scarlet “O” Hara and Done Gones wit dee Weeend!

    Them thar rightie Repub-lick-caintz and Demon-o-crapz wants to all us here folks to be slaves like we wuz had back in there and more of the good ole daze. So yasah Massah, we does anything you sez Massah, cuz we don’t wants to git bull-whupped no mo by dee Boss man or had them thar baaad houn-dogz sicked on our azzes, because them houn-dogz bites reeel hard, don’tcha ya know? Lordy, Lordy, don’t we all haz to cow tow an bow dow to dem boss mans when the come a walking a by us slaves ya knows.

    Yesum! An yo workz so hard, fer mo dan haf-a-da-year fo da man, “ta be free”- don-cha-no, jes a-payin’ tax on tax and then gets ta keep a lil left overz fer a-feedin n shelterin’ n clothin’ yer kin n travlin’ n a-werkin’ a-payin’ fer dem dam chains – to be a-wearin’ n polishin’ ’em up nice n purdy far-evah to make yo massuhs so proud of yo dim-n-dum butts? Now don yo git hurt, er sik er in truble coz massuh will take ever-thaing you gots away – quick like too. “Yessum massah,” yo cries. “Lemme keep what I gots and ah’ll even turn in them dam slaves at wonts ta be free, massuh. Yessuh yessuh, massuh! Ah sho will. Dam ’em! Dubl-dam dem uppity uns!”

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