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June 25, 2011

One can only ask themselves the question, over and over again. How did these religious fundamentalist nut cases in Israel manage to get hold of the sweaty balls of the USA, UK and most of Europe. 

“The United States would contribute much to a new international order  if it invited the rest of the world, and especially the major nuclear powers, to co-operate in creating a system to deal with this challenge to humanity on a more institutional basis.”
– Henry Kissinger, Un-elected spokesperson for USA foreign policy

This German Jewish emigré began his working life in a shaving brush factory in New York, rose to become a Harvard professor and then assumed control of America’s foreign policy, only to become one of the world’s leading carpet-bombing war criminals. It’s pretty bad: America is officially tied in knots, in bed with the most outrageously psychopathic spouse Lady Israel– she’s got the jewellery, the house, the car, the kids, the jet skis and she’s screwing the plumber too. She’s the kind who will not let you get a divorce, a la Fatal Attraction, bunny-on-the-boiler.

What’s worse, it’s already been 60 years. How long must this bullsh*t go on? How long?!?

                                              THE GITMOS – “We Are the Mossad!”

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