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April 28, 2011

In a move that has angered the virtual remnants of great Republic of Texas, government handlers have decided not to extend an invitation to this weekend’s Royal Wedding festivities to the Lone Star Republic’s top man in Britain.

With a guestlist that reads like a who’s who of tin-pot despots and dune roaches, it appears that mandarins in Whitehall have once again failed to recognise their international and treaty obligations to their sovereign neighbor across the Atlantic.

This, from an official statement released today:

“Well now and frankly, the FO (Foreign Orfice) inviting the Ambassador for Syria to the Royal Wedding, then withdrawing it, whilst fretting about all of those sweet ‘student protestors’ – merry civilians who only want to come into the Palace(s) for tea and cookies, of course – is one thing. But failure to invite (nor providing any notification of a pending RSVP ‘do’) Texas’ duly appointed Ambassador and Consul General to said Royal Wedding is another matter altogether.

May one offer to fill the, apparently available, vacant Syrian seat?

Not amused: Texas Ambassador snubbed by Royal Wedding party.

Why should Texas’ (which, dating from the 1830s, has enjoyed peaceful treaty relations with the UK and most of her colonies plus others – in total some 15 nations and tribes globally) along with Her emissary HE Robert Hertner be lumped into the same boat as the uninvited (Genocide anyone? Surely not … ) Toney Bliar and Gordey Broon?

Whilst waiting patiently since 1997 for the right things to be done (such as the UK’s duty of acceptance of the position as guaranteed by Treaty Contract), we have been assured there is a modicum of decency – somewhere, but for some niggling reason remain sceptical.

Kindly convey regards to the happy couple on behalf of the Republic of Texas and HE Robert Hertner, plus advise accordingly at your earliest convenience.”

– H.E. Robert Hertner
  Ambassador and Consul General for the Republic of Texas to the United Kingdom and European Union

For more information please visit:

Texas Embassy Contact:

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  1. April 29, 2011 8:11 am

    How many hits now?

    Sir — Rather uncharacteristically, Mark Steyn (Comment, Apr 13 ~ ) has made an ill-informed assumption in contending that Hawaii is not an American colony.

    Several perpetual treaties dating from 1838 reveal that both sovereign Texas and the sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii are held as captive occupied colonies of the United States, in clear violation of said outstanding treaties and the UN charter.

    In illegally attacked and invaded Iraq, so-called “reconstruction” costs are actually war reparations for the invasion thereof. Those of Texas and Hawaii are still due. The exploitation of occupied nations — such as the sale of Texas oil at half-price to the United States for more than 50 years, the detonation of the first thermonuclear device on Republic of Texas soil in 1945, the taxation of Texas and Hawaii, and the conscription of soldiers from both, while being run by imposed Vichy-style governments — is, by definition, colonialist imperialism.

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