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American Gun Grab : Facillitating US Free Range Debt-Peonage

February 7, 2011

By Cochise Johnson
Gonzo Town
Feb  7, 2011

Slavery as a bare concept taps our domination gene and the sparks fly from there till cold reality hits us with the fact it could very well be us in those shackles. Most people with empathy lead calmer lives than those so enamored with Lynchism, they enter banking.

The fundamentals of modern Economics depend on the ability to abuse. Naturally, it’s no longer legal or acceptable to aspire to brutish practices on the human body but the ‘soul’ is fair game and since they’re permanently merged, one can always leverage the other and float reams of ‘commercial paper’ wide and far. It’s all legal!

Let’s talk about  the soul, that thing all fashionable people say we haven’t got because if we did, then there would be a God and hey, your Yokel roots are showing. Some bankers fit into the category, atheist arbiters of taste, high fliers and opinion makers. They watch the beautiful people’s money, take little slices from it, give them sneaky haircuts. They’re agreeable on all the liberal issues of the day and anxiously seek news out to keep it hip and trendy. Language manglement is a useful trump card.

US gun owners: formerly referred to as "free folk".

A Wall Street slogan like, ”When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen!” says more than just he’s godlike and knows the price of rice in China. It paints Mr. Hutton as a firm believer in God and the concept of omnipotence in the universe. It doesn’t harm our hypothesis either that they print “In God We Trust” on the dollar, lending ample certitude every devoted banker is a Wannabe Massa?

Ok, that’s a mouthful, it requires concrete evidence that would amount to several indigestible volumes of legalspeak and trivialities if we were ever to attempt to discombobulate the entire edifice in one go. Suppose we fragment it down to it’s basic moving parts? For example, any insurance company can claim an Act of God, Force Majeure if you like and never have to pay out!

This same rule applies across the spectrum of commerce as the biggest of bargaining chips. The only Acts of God the general public is allowed to claim are the obvious, visible disatsers such as fires and accidents, requiring a fight tooth and nail more often than not. The G-rule demarcates Feudal Assset Claim mega-fraud, it’s quite simply not the preserve of the peasantry. We once had Glass Steagall, now it’s long kaput.

If we claimed that God told us He needed that ‘twenty’ from the 7/11′s cash register, they’d make us a ‘federal’ prisoner on the spot so likewise, when countries fib to each other -all things being insured- they too go to war. Nobody can tread on the God rule to squirm out of a situation because it’s the main pillar holding up their Temple Casino. After all, isn’t insurance a wager? A bet that you’re going to fail, crash? Cross-stock owning bankers believe in God alright but they don’t really like Him a whole lot.

Most Americans do like God, some too much. The silent ones simmering on the sidelines witnessing their pensions being siphoned off to a Carribean suntan are the dwindling middle class who bashed God when they ‘believed in their idols of upward mobility but now implore Him incessantly in vain. Encroaching weeds from the unkept lawns of de-homesteaded neighbours rise like DIY smoke signals; “Send the Cavalry!” But over at Fort DC, they’re busy bugling Retreat. Good money was spent to buy the US government and Wall Street wants their pound of flesh in monthly installments.

If we consider that Willie Lynch gave his slave owning lectures to men of capital who did put his advice to use, there’s no reason to suppose  bankers haven’t updated methods and tactics to hold ‘our’ planet in a diabolical yoke of rent extraction where you can run but not hide, unless you’re well wedged-up with a buccaneer hideout on a safe foreign shore.

Joe Sixpack will now have to get used to there being 12 ounces instead of 16 to the pound so the inflation books can be cooked to line up the ducks for a final one-shot solution. Confusion and Fear permeate the herding implement of choice that is ‘their’ mainstream media, such an eventuality is excruciatingly probable.

Let’s not mince words, Americans must not give up their guns!  “Remember The Battle of Athens!” Not the uprising in Greece, that one hasn’t even officially started yet- it was only a warm-up, they’re still waiting for the Spartans to finish up oiling their hair.

   Video clip: The Battle of Athens Tennessee 1946

Author Cochise Johnson is a guest writer at Gonzo Town and regular contributor to the Runnymede Institute’s website.


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